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Talk to our Concierge to get tailored menu & quotations, whether it's for your event, pantry or catering needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of custom orders and let our experts handle the rest!

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About Ramanico Trading & Investments

We believe that healthy living is about balancing between indulgence and nutrition. While nutritious and fiber-rich food sources are crucial to maintain our physical well-being, indulgent foods and drinks are also important for our mental state. With our eight years of expertise in the business, we bring to you a balanced selection of food and beverage products that can benefit both your mind and your body.

However, we are highly aware that some consumers in Singapore have a relatively limited selection of indulgent snacks and beverages to choose from due to medical reasons and dietary choices. That is why here at Ramanico, we also offer a diverse selection of food products that contain low to no sugar and zero amount of gluten, which are suitable for consumers with specific dietary requirements.