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You don't want to miss out on these hearty lunch boxes or premium Japanese bentos. Order the best bento sets in Singapore and have them delivered for your next lunch or corporate event.

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Bento Box catering in Singapore made simple with online ordering.
Bento boxes in Singapore are the easiest way to have food catered for your event. Everyone gets their own bento box so there won't be a huge mess and leftover bento boxes can be easily stored in the refrigerator for later consumption. Make your life easier - check CaterSpot for Bento Box reviews, photos of the actual meal and compare from 420 different caterers in Singapore. Find the perfect bento set according to your needs, easily book them in just a few clicks and have your bento sets delivered to your venue on time.

Order Bento Box catering in Singapore for any budget or group size.
CaterSpot has the best bento set lunch delivery in Singapore. With 420 different caterers on, you will definitely be able to find the best bento boxes that cater to your budget. We have cheap bento boxes from only $2.50/pax to premium japanese bento sets available for delivery in Singapore. It doesn't matter how big your group is, whether is 20 pax, 50pax, 100 pax or even more than 200 pax, we have you covered. All you need to do is place an order and we will have your bento boxes delivered to your venue.

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With so many choices, it can be difficult to choose the right bento boxes. However, CaterSpot has made online ordering really easy for you. We have filters put in place so that you can see bento box caterers based on your budget, group size and even dietary restrictions. Looking for the best halal bento sets? We have them all! Still not sure what bento boxes to order or you just don't have the time, chat with us on our live chat or reach out to our concierge team that will help you plan your events.