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Concierge service for orders above $1000

Talk to our Concierge to get tailored menu & quotations, whether it's for your event, pantry or catering needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of custom orders and let our experts handle the rest!

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About HIC Juice

HIC Juice is a popular shop in Singapore that serves Healthy Juice and Smoothie Packs that are much loved by their customers. HICJUICE was born in December 2013, with the aim of making premium raw, cold pressed juices available and accessible to everyone in Singapore. HIC Juice are buffs of brawn and brains. They research and innovate, creating and recreating better ways to nurture the mind, body and soul. HIC Juice love a clean raw vegan diet because it’s full of live enzymes and phytonutrients that supply you with energy and give your skin that healthy glow. These essential nutrients are lost when food is cooked with heat above 45 degrees Celsius. They reinvented raw food to bring you quality juices through their cold pressed technology that produces no heat and minimizes oxidation.

HIC Juice's catering menu features Nut Milks,Shakes,Citrus, Smoothies and Roots perfect for staff lunch, team meeting, training sessions,client's meeting, corporate events, private events or any events. HIC Juice is sure to be a favourite for your next office meal or corporate event! Their menu also offers various meal options to suit your budget, headcount and delivery time. Does your group have dietary restrictions? HIC Juice is also suitable for vegetarian.

Some popular dishes on the HIC Juice menu include their Pure Coconut Water, Citrus Chia, and Golden Smoothie. Pure Coconut Water menu includes Hailed as Earth's natural energy drink, Pure Coconut Water instantly hydrates and fights fatigue, replenishing your body with essential electrolytes and nutrients, while their Citrus Chia offers Pineapple, Lemon, Coconut Water and Chia Seeds, it also help you curb those mean food cravings, while giving your body a powerful boost and Golden Smoothie includes A golden combination of Mango, Apple, Turmeric and Chia Seeds which gives your immune system a boost. With Curcumin in turmeric, it helps make detoxification more effective. Try for yourself and see why HIC Juice's menu on CaterSpot is so popular!

Looking to get HIC Juice delivered to you? HIC Juice catering is available for staff lunch, team meeting, training sessions,client's meeting, corporate events, private events or any events in Singapore. Make sure to check their schedule for delivery times, which is usually Monday - Sunday and do note that their menu requires a lead time for placing orders, so don't leave it too late and be disappointed!

With the CaterSpot platform, you can easily order HIC Juice to cater for your next office or corporate event in Singapore. Simply place your order online via our website, which provides a seamless experience and convenience for your catering needs!