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Concierge service for orders above $1000

Talk to our Concierge to get tailored menu & quotations, whether it's for your event, pantry or catering needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of custom orders and let our experts handle the rest!

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About Good Chai People

Welcome to Good Chai People (GCP) - Singapore’s 1st chai café that puts a spotlight on handmade artisanal sticky chai.

This heavenly brew dates back thousands of years and is steeped in tales of royalty because of its antioxidant properties.

Over at GCP, we invite you to partake in a beverage that brings us continuous comfort amidst the daily hustle because to us, ‘chai’ is more than just a spiced milk tea.

It works wonders to kickstart your mornings, but is also perfect before bed. It sparks new ideas in the afternoons, but also brings you solace for a well-earned rest. It can turn strangers into friends, but is also a perfect companion during quiet reflections.

As some have described it aptly, “a good cup of chai is like a hug in a mug”.

And we couldn’t agree more.

Chai is an amazing complement to GCP’s variety of food offerings. It’s a natural accompaniment to our freshly-baked pastries, and pairs well with our brunch and mains.

Take a minute to slow down today, and let our flavourful and aromatic chai excite your palate and delight your senses.

Whether you’re sipping it hot or iced, or enjoying it plain or sweetened, our chai is sure to take you through a rainy morning, a gloomy work day, weekend conversations with your best friends, a lazy Sunday with your loved ones, and the beautiful moments that you’re about to create.