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Thematic Buffets and Bento Boxes

Specialized in Theme Cuisines - Peranakan, Healthy & International Buffets, Mini Buffets and Bento Boxes

Fresh and Healthy Sandwiches, Salads and Party Platters

Healthy, convenient Korean lunch bowl packs

Pizza & Pasta Party Sets

Indian Halal Buffets, Mini Buffets, Hi Tea Menus, Bento Boxes

Western Pizza and Pasta Packages, Packed Meals and Sharing Platters

Western Packed Breakfast and Lunch Meals

  • Restaurant with Catering
  • 48 hours notice
  • $80 min order
Availability: Mon - Fri 10:00am - 4:00pm, closed on Sat, Sun and PH
10% Off Bentos
Buy 10 or more lunch boxes and receive 10% off! Applicable to all orders made until Jan 10th.
4.5/ 5
2 reviews

Asian and Western Bento Boxes, Packed Meals and Sandwiches

  • Catering Company
  • 96 hours notice
  • $80 min order
Availability: Mon - Sun 10:30am - 7:00pm
Up To 10% Off Bentos
If your order includes 51-100 bento boxes, use code "SPRMRKT5" to receive 5% off. If your order includes 101 or more bento boxes, use code "SPRMRKT10" to receive 10% off!

Fresh and Healthy Sandwiches, Salads, Packed Meals and Party Platters

Asian Cuisine Fast Food Fingerfood Platters