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Asian and Western Halal Buffets, Bento Boxes and Baby Celebration Packages

Western Sharing Platters, Canapes and Individually Packed Meals

Delicious and Wholesome Halal Lunch Boxes, Sharing Platters and Mini Buffets, Canape and Lunch/Dinner Buffets

4.8/ 5
7 reviews

Halal Homemade Snack Party Boxes, Sweet and Savoury Platters, Healthy Mini Buffets

4.9/ 5
5 reviews

Healthy and Delicious Bento Boxes, Office Packages, Sharing Platters

4.1/ 5
5 reviews

Great Halal Buffets, Cocktail Buffets and Sit-Down Menus

Asian and Western Breakfast and Lunch Menus

  • Restaurant with Catering
  • 24 hours notice
  • $80 min order
7% off all set meals
Prices shown already include the discount.

Limited Slots: Apr 22

Halal International Cuisine Lunch and Dinner Buffets, Healthy Lunch Sets and Bowls