Buffet Catering for 20 Pax

Looking for a small party? Browse the best buffet caterers and find options for your small party of 20 pax.

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Great Buffet Catering, Party Sets, Bento Boxes and Packages for All Occasions

International Cuisine Halal Buffet Catering and Party Packages

Halal Buffets, Cocktail & High Tea Buffet Catering, Bento Boxes, Mini Buffets, Seminar Menus

Halal Thai Party Sets, Buffet Catering Packages and Bento Meals

International Halal Favourites and Home-cooked Comfort Food Buffet Catering

French Sandwich & Finger Food Platters, Buffet Catering Packages and Cakes

Muslim Owned, Asian Western Fusion Buffets, Mini Buffets, Party Sets, Bento Boxes

Italian Buffet Catering, Party Packs and Lunches

Wholesome Quality Buffet Catering, Canapes and Meal Box Packages