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Party Platters, Lunch Boxes and Cakes

Savoury and Sweet Party Platters, Lunch Sets. Now halal!

Halal French savoury & sweet pastry platters, sandwiches and seasonal treats

Savoury & Sweet Finger Food Platters, Lunch Boxes

Asian and Western Halal Buffets, Bento Boxes and Baby Celebration Packages

Fresh and Healthy Sandwiches, Salads and Party Platters

Thai and Indian Halal Fingerfood Platters

4.8/ 5
7 reviews

Sub Platters and Giant Subs

Vibrant Fresh Cuisine For Everyone

Thai Party Sets and Bento Meals

4.2/ 5
6 reviews

Vietnamese Halal Sharing Platters

4.5/ 5
7 reviews

Fusion International Cuisine Lunch Bowls and Sharing Platters, Canape Buffets

4.4/ 5
6 reviews

Durian Puffs & Pastries, Pancake & Dessert Live Stations

Breakfast, Crepes & Bouillabaise Live Stations and French Food Catering