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Black Sesame Carrot Cake Probably one of the only carrot cakes that I actually like other than Cedele's carrot cake. I usually stray away from carrot cakes, because I find them too sweet and "heaty" but this cake was very moist with generous servings of nuts, raisins and carrot shreds. The White Ombre prides itself in unique cakes and adding the black sesame to this carrot cake was definitely different. However, I think it's more of a decoration as you cannot taste it in the cake. You can clearly taste the dedication and passion the white ombre has to their cakes, as every cake is neatly placed into the cake cabinet and all are uniformly designed. All the cakes looked so delicious and fresh. Here's the variety of cakes and other sweet treats for sale. Check out the huge baking wonderland, the White Ombre runs baking classes to teach people how to bake cakes, macarons and even more. The staff are also very friendly. Take note that the shop has no dining area, all cakes are packed in boxes and ready to take away. Menu of cakes per slice, per whole cake. Check out the macarons This shop faces a whole stretch of industrial shops.

  • Melissa, 6 Jun 2015
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