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Fully Booked: May 26

Your Order with Super Dario Lasagne

Concierge service for orders above $1000

Talk to our Concierge to get tailored menu & quotations, whether it's for your event, pantry or catering needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of custom orders and let our experts handle the rest!

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Customer Reviews of Super Dario Lasagne:


"Really delicious and worth of money. "

  • Adrienne , 31 Dec 2020
  • Web Review


  • Daphne , 11 Jul 2019
  • Web Review


  • Isobel, 27 Jan 2020
  • Web Review
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About Super Dario Lasagne

Super Dario Lasagne is a popular restaurant in Singapore that serves authentic Italian Lasagne that is much loved by their customers. With Super Dario Lasagne Catering take a warm bite of homemade lasagna baked with halal meat and fresh ingredients. Super Dario Lasagne uses high quality and fresh ingredients for their dishes and the meat used is all Halal. Super Dario Lasagne Catering believes that lasagne should be the highlight for any occasion. They also place a strong emphasis on food hygiene, especially during food preparation.

Super Dario Lasagne's catering menu features bento boxes and sharing platters perfect for your office lunches, client meetings seminars, and any events. They're sure to be a favourite at your next event or party, so make sure to treat your guests to Super Dario Lasagne catering. Super Dario Lasagne Catering also offers various meal options for their clients based on their budget, volume and delivery time.

Some popular dishes on the Super Dario Lasagne's catering menu are the Beef and Vegetarian options (no eggs, garlic or onion). If you like spicy, our Pixel lasagna (lamb and ricotta cheese) is recommended with the Italian Calabrian Chili topping. With our experienced chefs and passionate team, you will definitely be satisfied with our menu and services.

Looking to get Super Dario Lasagne delivered to you? Super Dario Lasagne delivery is available for lunch, snacks, and dinner. Make sure to check their schedule for delivery times, which is usually daily and do note that their menu requires 1 days' notice for placing large orders, so don't be disappointed!

Thanks to Caterspot, you can have Super Dario Lasagne to cater to your needs and preference. You can simply place your order via our website. Alternatively, you can also call our hotline. Our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you in your booking or any inquiry. With Caterspot, we provide a seamless experience and convenience to our clients: once you have placed your order, you can count on us to deliver authentic, fresh Super Dario Lasagne catering menus to your location.