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Your Order with Poke Theory (Telok Ayer)

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About Poke Theory (Telok Ayer)

A Poke Theory is a fresh, hearty and healthy sleek food joint that’s just recently opened on Boon Tat Street that specialises in poke, they serve delicious Hawaiian Poke Bowls and Mini Buffets. Poke Theory tends to do modern poke bowl and they do it really well in terms of quality and quantity. As they believe in the small-batch, freshly-made approach in a world that demands the opposite. Every single day, they're slicing, dicing, baking and tossing ingredients by hand in order to serve up edible bowls of rainbow that taste just as good as they look.

Poke Theory's catering menu features Lunch Bowls and Mini Buffet perfect for Staff lunch, office parties, training session or team meeting . Poke Theory is sure to be a favourite for your next office meal or corporate event! Their menu also offers various meal options to suit your budget, headcount and delivery time. Does your group have dietary restrictions? Poke Theory is also suitable for vegetarian and vegan. They are halal certified as well.

Some popular bowls on the Poke Theory menu include their Spicy Mayo Salmon Poke Bowl, Avocado Miso Salmon Poke Bowl, and Poke Bowl Mini Buffet A. Spicy Mayo Salmon Poke Bowl menu includes spicy mayo salmon poke, comes with regular toppingsand garnishes (tobiko, furikake and garlic chips), while their Avocado Miso Salmon Poke Bowl includes avocado miso salmon poke, comes with regular toppings and garnishes and for Poke Bowl Mini Buffet AIncludes up to 2 bases, up to 2 proteins (100g per person), 4 regular toppings, 1 premium topping, 1 sauce and garnish (Tobiko, Furikake or Garlic Chips). Comes in individual bowls. Come and check it out yourself and see why Poke Theory's menu on CaterSpot is so popular!

Looking to get Poke Theory delivered to you? Poke Theory catering is available for staff lunch, office parties, training session or team meeting in Singapore. Make sure to check their schedule for delivery times, which is usually Monday - Sunday and do note that their menu requires a lead time for placing orders, so don't leave it too late and be disappointed!

With the CaterSpot platform, you can easily order Poke Theory to cater for your next office or corporate event in Singapore. Simply place your order online via our website, which provides a seamless experience and convenience for your catering needs!