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Customer Reviews of Group Therapy Tampines:



  • Celeste, 21 Jul 2023
  • Web Review

"Got the high tea mini bentos for my kid’s birthday"

  • Shruti Jujjavarapu, 1 May 2023
  • Web Review
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About Group Therapy Tampines

Group Therapy is well-known catering in Singapore that serves authentic homemade sourdough loaves, bagels, bread & cakes from in-house bakery that are much loved by their customers. Their mission is to provide customer comforts of the space, warm hospitality and good food. They are doing this from the start of their business and they believe that providing good service and delicious food will able to satisfies the customer needs. Group Therapy offers great food presentation as it looks classy and presentable for your private events and functions.

Group Therapy's catering menu features Sharing Platters, Mini Buffets, Meal Bundles and etc that perfect for Seminars, training session, corporate events or any private functions. Group Therapy is sure to be a favourite for your next office meal or corporate event! Their menu also offers various meal options to suit your budget, headcount and delivery time. Does your group have dietary restrictions? Group Therapy is also suitable for vegetarian.

Some popular dishes on the Group Therapy menu include their Meal for Two - Pizzas, Sandwich Platter, and Breakfast Mini Buffet. Especially with their great breakfast buffet featuring eggs, homemade bread, muffins and side dishes.Try for yourself and see why Group Therapy's menu on CaterSpot is so popular!

Looking to get Group Therapy delivered to you? Group Therapy catering is available for Seminars, training session, corporate events or celebration events in Singapore. Make sure to check their schedule for delivery times, which is usually Monday - Sunday and do note that their menu requires a lead time for placing orders, so don't leave it too late and be disappointed!

With the CaterSpot platform, you can easily order Group Therapy to cater for your next office or corporate event in Singapore. Simply place your order online via our website,. Alternatively, you can also call our hotline. Our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you with your booking or any enquiry. In Caterspot, we provides a seamless experience and convenience for your catering needs!