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CaterSpot partners with the best caterers, restaurants, food trucks, and chefs to help them reach new customers and grow their sales.

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How we work with you

We send orders

by mobile, email, web and voice

You prepare the food

Just as you always do

We take care of logistics

Our team picks up the order and delivers to the customer

We pay you directly

We pay you each month to your bank account, after deducting a small commission.

Quick Setup

Just send us your menu and we'll do all the work

No registration fee

There's absolutely no cost to join

We fit seamlessly with your business

Order transmission and acceptance.

We can send orders to fax machines, email addresses, cell phones – whatever works for you. And you won't miss any orders. If we don't hear back from you, we'll track you down.

Your catering menu.

CaterSpot displays your regular catering menu. We never dictate how you run your business.

Option to decline any order.

We understand that you might be overbooked or unavailable, etc. You can always decline our order. We'll find a replacement and you won't look bad.

No extras fees or mark-ups.

CaterSpot publishes your regular catering pricing. We charge exactly what you would charge the customer. We don't change your brand by marking up prices.

Prompt payment, every month

We send your payment at the end of each month. Our commission is already deducted, and you get a detailed statement listing all the orders

Your schedule and order terms

You control when you can provide orders, how much notice you need, your cancellation period, and how big an order needs to be.